FHV BBD / Caviar & Us Media

Holland's Next Octopus Paul

Paul the Octopus caused a media sensation as the animal oracle that correctly predicted the outcome of 2010 World Cup matches. What animal would follow in his footsteps as the all-knowing oracle during the 2012 European Cup? FHV BBDO / Caviar Content collaborated with Us Media to find out!

Twelve animals were pitted in an online contest following the oracle formula of Paul: two containers of food, each with the national flags of an upcoming match, were presented to the candidates. The animals would predict the winner by eating from one of the containers -last one standing would be Holland's Next Octopus Paul!

All contestants were residents from Kinderboerderij De Pijp, a local petting zoo in Amsterdam. The campaign site provided information about the petting zoo, the animals and how people could volunteer at the zoo.

The campaign was positively accepted in the press and had a markedly positive effect on the amount of volunteers. At the 2013 Spin Awards, Holland's Next Octopus Paul was awarded with two silver spin awards and nominated for the ADCN awards and SAN Accenten 2012.

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