network of websites

Solidaridad Network

Us Media created the new central website solution for the Solidaridad Network’s network of websites. Solidaridad has been growing the last couple of years and to accommodate this growth, a new website was needed. Fabrique was responsible for the identity and visual design.

Solidaridad envisions a world where the people who produce the resources on which we all depend can contribute to change that matters. Change that leads to prosperity for all, without harming each other or the environment, and therefore helps to ensure that resources will continue to sustain us for generations to come.

Solidaridad works across 12 supply chains (a.o. cotton, soy, palmoil) and operates through 10 regional offices on 5 continents. All regional offices will be served through the new solution.

In the future, Us Media will continue to improve the network’s digital strategy through the network of websites by applying a Build Measure Learn process.

Please contact Casper van Schie for more information about this case.