your success is our success

We regard projects as building blocks for ongoing digital success. Lean and agile, in close partnership with our clients.

this is what we stand for

In everything we do, every decision we make, our motivation is to add value for the end user. Always. For each project we assemble a unique team. Our agile approach enables us to achieve the very best solutions fast, flexibly and efficiently.

this is how we work

  • team/work

    An usmedia development team consists of everyone needed to make a project a success. As well as our people, that also means the client and any other relevant stakeholders. Usually, about six members in all. People who inspire one another. People who build collective know-how and an understanding of each others’ processes, interests and sensitivities.

  • big project, small deliverables

    We are all about creating value for the user, so we want to achieve that as quickly as possible. To do so we work iteratively, constantly developing small project elements, gathering feedback and making improvements. In this way, we quickly discover what works and can make immediate adjustments if things are heading in the wrong direction.

  • everything = visibility

    We have no secrets. As our client, you are a full member of the development team. You can see everything: what we’re doing, how it’s progressing, how it works, what it costs. Our big Kanban boards display the creative process and the project’s progress. Waypoint, our own in-house agile tool, shows clearly where we stand in terms of scope, time and money.

  • let’s keep in touch

    At usmedia, we start the day with a good cup of coffee and a stand-up meeting. In just ten minutes, each team discusses what they are going to achieve that day. In concrete terms. Each iteration is marked by a short meeting with the client and other stakeholders. We prefer personal contact over endless e-mail exchanges.

agile is great

We have been agile for about twenty years now. For us, it’s the perfect way to work closely with clients without compromising creativity and flexibility. Agile breaks down complex projects into easy-to-digest components, delivered at a steady rate. It helps us remain disciplined, alert and flexible, and to make necessary adjustments in good time. Curious about how it works? Check out these projects.

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