setting the new standard together

That’s what we do. Again and again, because we love to surprise our customers and ourselves.

we are usmedia

At Us Media, we are at our very best when we conceive a solution for a complex challenge, combining design and technology, that will add real value to our customer and aid our end users tremendously. Or even better: when we can transform a custom solution into a new product or a market standard. Serious online challenges, we love that.

this is what gets us excited

Our clients have one thing in common: the web is intertwined with the core of their product or service (s). We don’t care if they import wine, transport superyachts, manage .nl domains or fight poverty. As long as we can add real value in their digital domain and if we recognize ourselves in their vision and values in the field of technology and (responsible) entrepreneurship.

this is how we do this

We strongly believe in the web. We love the speed new online services and techniques become available. APIs, AI, Frameworks, SpringBoot, SCSS / CSS - bring it on. We love the Cloud, AI, Open Source and Open Standards. Cleverly combining all these things into sustainable solutions for our clients. Ok, so we are a bit nerdy.

join us?

Smart digital solutions, web applications, smart business tools and online platforms: what we make, we make together. With our team and together with our customers; they are always part of the team. After all, we have a common goal and their knowledge and experience is indispensable to arrive at the best solution. In our teams, rookies and experienced engineers learn from each other every day. Everyone is encouraged to take responsibility and we offer an open culture with plenty of opportunity to grow.

what we offer

  • work where you want

    For us it is about what you make, not where you do this. Of course we currently work a lot from home. Our office in the Amsterdam Houthavens is our clubhouse, where we meet for work and socializing when the Covid guidelines allow it and when you need it.

  • the right tools

    Maximizing opportunity while enjoying getting work done. That only works with the right equipment. We take care of that. From laptop to ergonomic aids - in the office and at home.

  • keep learning, keep growing

    If there is one profession where you have to continuously develop yourself … It makes sense that we stimulate you in this and enable your growth. We learn a lot from each other and we would like to hear what your ambitions are.

  • we love public transport

    Your commute, if you want to come to the clubhouse, is taken care off well with an NS Business Card.

  • good food

    For a small contribution you can eat a fresh (warm) lunch daily, served by our home caterer in the open kitchen.

  • holiday days

    If you work full time, you have 25 vacation days to enjoy. Need more? It’s up to you to take up to 5 extra days for a small price.

  • working hours

    Not everyone is productive in the same way and at the same time. In consultation with your team you are quite flexible in your working hours.

  • pension scheme

    Not compulsory, but available: an excellent collective pension provision.

open positions

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    Let us surprise you. There are more possibilities than you can think of.

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