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Previously we developed an online platform for Sevenstar Yacht Transport with the main purpose of generating leads for the worldwide transport of yachts (over water). In close cooperation with the customer, we then built a smart system to make this complex trade transparent for (potential) customers. This year we were able to further help Sevenstar in their digital transition, with the design and construction of an online insurance tool.

Sevenstar Yacht Transport / Spliethoff
Conceive a tool to unburden Sevenstar, it’s clients and the insurance company of an inefficient insurance process
Target audience
Sevenstar, Clients and the Insurance company


There are quite a few risk factors during the transport of a yacht by sea. Good insurance of the ship during transport is therefore extremely important - for Sevenstar and the yacht owners. Yacht insurance is a time consuming process. In addition to basic insurance, there are many options for additional clauses (co-insuring pre and post transport, lowering your own risk, etc.). Several parties can also act as policyholder and real (paper) insurance certificates must be generated. If possible, the (additional) premium will be paid directly online.

Getting all these aspects in order was previously an extremely time-consuming - often manual - process. We were asked to digitize the process and bring it online.

yacht insurance tool

The tool is used for three Spliethoff brands: Sevenstar Yacht Transport, DYT and Liner. Each with their own business logic and additional insurance options. Us Media developed a smart tool and an API in collaboration with the customer. The API receives a booking when it is confirmed in the Sevenstar booking system. The bookingdata is exchanged and the customer automatically receives a signal to provide potential (additional) insurance wishes. The customer logs into the insurance tool, provides the requested information and the premiums are automatically calculated where possible. A complex task with a lot of business logic.

The tool also generates a digital certificate as proof of the insurance policies purchased, feeds this back to the Sevenstar booking system and e-mails the certificate to the customer.

benefits all around

The tool gives Sevenstar administrators a lot of flexibility and enables them to deliver custom work to customers where desired, while the basic process is highly automated, simple and unambiguous. This leads to enormous time savings. Furthermore, in addition to the development of our own API, various connections have been realized, including a connection with the booking system and payment provider Mollie. The insurer has its own entrance to the system to retrieve all data and to document the actual policyholders. The tool automatically generates insurance receipts / certificates and sends them to the customers.


The interface of the tool has been developed using Angular. Angular is a javascript application design framework and development platform for creating efficient and advanced single page applications.


Our payment provider partner Mollie was implemented to handle all premium payments. Mollie provides an excellent and friendly payment experience.

spring boot

We are happy to develop microservices and APIs in Java in collaboration with the Spring Framework. This stable and powerful technology allows us to develop quickly.

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