Expertise, experience and execution power for start-ups

Introducing a new solution or product requires entrepreneurship, guts and financial resources. One aspect that a start-up certainly cannot do without - especially if the product has an online component - is technical know-how. An experienced technical partner eager to be successful, like yourself.

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  • CTO as a Service
  • Development team as a Service

Technology partner for a head start

You have developed an idea and a solid business case. You believe in your concept, you know the market, you know what your target audience needs, and (ideally) you have an investor on board. However, you are missing a technology partner or a technical co-founder. A partner that ensures that you make the right technical choices right from the start, to avoid having to start over when you start the scale. A dedicated team with the knowledge, experience, technical expertise and development power to actually create your product.

  • We like a challenge

    When introducing a new digital product you run into many technical challenges, questions and uncertainties. This is normal, as you have most likely conceived something which doesn’t exist yet. We have 25 years of experience creating digital solutions and innovations. We will always find a way forward.

  • We think ahead

    We know what’s possible, have the right people and we are able to conceive and implement digital innovations. We think ahead and make sure your infrastructure scales as your product gains traction and grows.

  • Just do it

    As a technology partner for start-ups, Us Media provides the expertise, execution power and experience that help your business. From the first rudimentary version (MVP) to a perfect working solution. We know the technical challenges of each step of the journey and ask critical questions if necessary to successfully launch your start-up.

Technology partner for every phase

Phase 1 - From idea to Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

  • Get your product out there

    As an entrepreneur, you want to get a minimal viable product (MVP) in the hands of your target audience as quickly as possible in order to be prepared for potential investors and to optimize your solution with user feedback. Us media helps you in the development of your MVP and the associated processes.

  • Develop, test, improve, repeat

    As a technology partner for a large number of clients, we are used to working agile for years. Together with the team, we develop small parts (or a rudimentary version) of the product in a short time. Then we test, ask for feedback and keep improving.

We ensure that the technology can grow with scale and success.

Phase 2 - From MVP to PMF (Product Market Fit)

An iterative process

Based on user feedback, the product is refined, continuously improved and increasingly tailored to the needs of the user. This way we work towards actual product / market fit.

Developmentteam as a Service

A technical team is indispensable at every stage of the start-up. There can be reasons for not starting with an internal technical team, or you don't have the know-how / time to build one (yet). Offshoring is a possibility, but that deprives you of the opportunity to sit close to the fire yourself. This is where our Development team as a Service can prove useful.

CTO as a Service

You can involve Us Media for advice at the highest technical level; after all, we are not only technical specialists but also seasoned entrepreneurs with extensive start-up experience.

Phase 3 - From PMF to Growth

Growth done well

With a good product / market fit, the customers stand in line, the number of users grows quickly and the positive word of mouth spreads quickly. There are new wishes and advancing insights to help develop the product. What you need is production power.

Development team as a service

In this phase we can provide the necessary speed with a well-coordinated development team (as a Service). If you have an internal team, we can work as an extension by offering (temporarily) extra manpower or independently create a specific piece of scope.

Your success is our success

Like yourself, we want to be successful and aim for a significant contribution. Over time, we can assist in transitioning knowledge to internal teams and take on a role as consultant or do a complete transfer: that’s up to you.