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First Renders Spang Campus

Received the first renders for the Campus building from Dedato, and they look amazing!

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I am happy to show you the first renders of the building concept we are working on for the creative campus we try to build in Suriname. The goal is to create an environment that combines learning, work and cultural activities. The campus will house the training facilities, different companies in the creative sector, a restaurant and dormitories.

The facility is surrounded by water. The canals are used to store excessive water during the rain seasons, keep the land dry (reducing insects) and provide an additional and simple layer of security. To keep the water clean we created a small lake and artificially (using a simple pump) keep the water level in the lake higher then the canals. This way the water is continuously being in circulation.

The building when seen from a distance looks like it has a single roof. The roof is folded over the terrain

When taking a bird’s eye view you see the different buildings connected mainly by the roof and the pathways. Each building has it’s own characteristics internally depending on its function. The central building is the main studio and theater. The restaurant is located near the lake and the training facilities are located near the car park preventing headlights (an irritating feature of big cars) to light up the campus.


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