digital transformation for ngo’s

Digital technology can be a crucial tool to become successful as an NGO or charity. At Us Media, we see 'digital' as a means to make life easier for people. Employees, volunteers, donors and others. As a strategic partner, we help NGOs and charities to conceive and develop digital solutions. One step at a time, pro-active and taking all stakeholders into account.

our ngo suite

campaigning and fundraising forms: quick and easy

We developed a scalable platform to quickly configure and deploy forms to support online campaigns, online fundraising or petitions. The platform has integrations to connect to virtually all payment providers as well as many other online service providers.

How we helped Amnesty into developing a central online campaigning hub.

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CRM integrations to enable 1on1 communications

Your CRM system is where all customer and donor information lives. We will connect our online platform to your online CRM provider so this will remain the case. We are able to connect to any CRM product which has API integrations and we have a proven track record in connecting to wellknown partners like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365.

How we assisted Plan International in their online journey throughout the years and continue to do so.

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third parties become partners through your API

You can raise efficiency and automate interconnectivity with third party service providers through the API which we provide and which is integrated in our solution. You can divide which information should become available to whom. Your content becomes an integral valuable asset, centrally managed which can be provided to other channels and partners.

How we developed an online platform for SOS Kinderdorpen which became the heart of all fundraising and campaigning activities.

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at the center of it all

Us Media stands for strategy, design and development of online platforms and tools. Our solutions play nice integrating in your existing tools you use. We co-create with all relevant stakeholders and focus on providing you with all the tools you need to do your work, without depending on us. We have extensive experience with modern headless CMS systems such as Contentful, but also with robust Wordpress implementations to help us and you to build on that vision.

How we helped Wilde Ganzen on improving their online processes and tools.

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made by us

We work with our clients as real partners in finding and producing the best solution for their challenges. In 20 years we have helped hundreds of organizations - including many NGOs - increase their success with the help of digital technology.