• 3 minutes

    Making the world a little better

    Making the world a bit fairer with smart digital technology: that’s what we love at us. That’s why we’re so happy with clients like IDH, who have been challenging us as a digital partner for years to come up with the very best digital tools. Tools that IDH uses to encourage retailers worldwide to make international supply chains more sustainable. closing the gap A key focus for IDH is closing the ’living wage gap’: the difference between the actual wages of workers in developing countries and the minimum wage needed for a decent standard of living.
  • 6 minutes

    More cooperation, flexibility and control? It's possible!

    “We are very happy – yesterday we received our first new donor of € 1,000 annually! Already a success 😉 .” A day after the release of their new website, Kirstin Poot, head of Marketing Communication and Fundraising at the Zuid-Hollands Landschap, sends an enthusiastic email to the us media team. The ZHL website is the first of a series of ’landscape websites’ that us media is designing and building this year, based on the NGO suite.
  • 3 minutes

    The ideal client has ideals (and trust)

    Take SIDN. We have been working with them since 2013 on improving their online services, management of the NL domain, strengthening SIDN’s positioning and making an impact in the field of cybersecurity and online identity. In the SIDN customer story, online communication specialist Nicole Wedler explains the added value for her organization of our long-term cooperation. In addition to the partnership with SIDN, there are more and more non profit and charitable organizations with which we have a perfect match.
  • 5 minutes

    Trust (and fun) as a condition for long-term cooperation

    The partnership started with the renewal of the ‘slightly outdated’ SIDN website, followed by the redevelopment of the portal for registrars (domain name providers). In 2015, we worked together on the websites for SIDN Fund and SIDN Labs. SIDN also got a new identity that year, which called for a complete redesign of Large and smaller projects followed, a few every year. online security Nicole: “For me, the best project we created together was the campaign website for more awareness of your personal online security: ‘hackman.
  • 6 minutes

    Dealing with Wordpress: a professional approach

    why Wordpress? The answer is mainly pragmatic. Wordpress is one of the most widely used CMS solutions in the world. As a digital agency you will sooner or later have to deal with a Wordpress installation, whether you like it or not. Many customers are used to working in Wordpress. In order to be able to serve all our customers as well as possible, we decided in 2012 - with some healthy reluctance - to expand our toolbelt with Wordpress.
  • 2 minutes

    Google Cloud Platform: by developers, for developers

    It’s one of the reasons why I work at Us Media: here we find it important to master the latest technology, improve standard solutions and continuously innovate. So there is always room to develop, research and experiment. Google’s open platform is perfect for this. GCP has great solutions that you can use as a developer, but for me the challenge is to analyze those standard solutions, recalibrate them and use them to develop custom applications that perfectly match what a customer needs.
  • 3 minutes

    Online technology boosts SDGs

    You probably heard about them: SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals. Seventeen goals with 169 targets, agreed by the UN countries, to make the world a better place by 2030. A global compass for challenges such as poverty, education and the climate crisis. Us Media is eager to make a (small and humble) contribution. Many of our clients contribute to achieving the SDGs. For example, charitable organizations such as Plan International Nederland, Amnesty International, Wilde Ganzen and SOS Children’s Villages are committed to several causes.
  • 3 minutes

    New Us Media Website

    At last… a new website! It has cost us a lot of blood, sweat and tears, because that’s how things are at usmedia – everybody has an opinion about everything. In the end we opted for a step-by-step approach, so that everyone could make their contribution to the final result at some point. And to what follows, of course, because a website is never “finished”… We are curious to hear your reactions!

  • 2 minutes

    Amsterdam UX Workshop

    Amsterdam UX organized a workshop with the topic “User checks and agile usability testing” at Us Media. Anouskha Scholten was leading the workshop. “user checks is an agile way of usability testing with the focus on creating value” With User checks the design accelerates to a higher level within a short period and relatively low cost and little resources. User checks maximize the key element of usability testing: getting to empathy.
  • 2 minutes

    Mercurial and Merging with IntelliJ

    If you work on projects with a team like we do, you probably have encountered a merge-conflict or two in your time… And most likely the default merge tool which Mercurial has picked isn’t really helping you.

  • 2 minutes

    IP Address to Municipality

    Some of our clients wanted to provide localized content based on the municipality of the visitor.

    Having played with Open Data for an “Apps for Amsterdam” contest in the past we decided to visit the website of the Cadastral Survey in the Netherlands.

  • 2 minutes

    Migrated from Bugzilla to YouTrack

    Today we migrated from Bugzilla as our client facing issue tracking system to YouTrack from JetBrains. The reason for this migration was, that while Bugzilla was and is an excellent issue tracking system. It is also too much focused on the engineer as its user.

  • 2 minutes

    First Renders Spang Campus

    I am happy to show you the first renders of the building concept we are working on for the creative campus we try to build in Suriname. The goal is to create an environment that combines learning, work and cultural activities. The campus will house the training facilities, different companies in the creative sector, a restaurant and dormitories.

  • 1 minute

    Campus Mood Board

    I’m a highly visual oriented person and I always need to make little diagrams, mind-maps, sketches of my thinking. Unfortunately I am very bad at making drawings (imagine the frustration).

  • 2 minutes

    spang campus joins maker movement

    As you know we are actively involved in Spang Makandra and its ambitious successor Spang Campus. Spang Campus aims to be and inspirational place for young and creative ambitious people. Together with Waag Society from Amsterdam we are trying to move a Fab Lab to Suriname

  • 2 minutes

    building a creative breeding ground

    Since 2007, Us Media has been front-running several initiatives in Suriname. That year we established Spang Makandra in Paramaribo. Spang Makandra was born out of CyberMango plus the best candidates coming out of our own 9 month training.

  • 3 minutes

    Media Campus Paramaribo

    Establishing a creative sector in Suriname is ambitious and requires both good ideas and perseverance. The leapfrog is feasible. Let me show you why I believe in it so passionately.

  • 2 minutes

    From e-media Studio to Creative Campus

    The Vision, or maybe it is better to call it the ambition, I had when starting Spang Makandra was to develop an environment where great stuff can happen. Of course starting Spang Makandra in Suriname was, what you can call, a leap of faith. I am very pleased it turned out very well.


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