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From e-media Studio to Creative Campus

Sparking sustainable transformation of the creative industry in the Caribbean region.

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The Vision, or maybe it is better to call it the ambition, I had when starting Spang Makandra was to develop an environment where great stuff can happen. Of course starting Spang Makandra in Suriname was, what you can call, a leap of faith. I am very pleased it turned out very well.

We started Spang Makandra as a nine month training initiative. After the nine months of training we build a core team from the most talented students together with the staff from CyberMango to form a commercial digital production studio Spang Makandra.

Now the spang team is working on digital productions for Suriname and the Caribbean region, as well as providing web care and social media teams to corporations. One of the great spin-off’s is the training program. The program was first developed as an internal training course and is now commercially available.

One asset which you clearly experience when you visit is the mixture of energy and creativity that surrounds the different companies and activities that take place on the Flamboyantstraat 18. It is this ‘energy’ that shaped the next ambition for Spang Makandra; to create a creative breeding ground in Suriname.

Spang Campus is about sparking sustainable transformation of the creative industry in the Caribbean region. Spang Campus is an extension of the successful full service interactive media studio Spang Makandra and aims to be a breeding ground for everyone with aspirations in the creative industry.

The Caribbean region has enormous potential for entrepreneurship in e-media and the creative industry. The talents and capabilities of local youngsters, entrepreneurs, managers and employees only need to be stirred up and nurtured to do this. We firmly believe that building a creative breeding ground is the key to unlock this potential.

Today’s technology provides us with all the tools to achieve great things. The breeding ground will provide education, infrastructure and an open culture to support learning, creativity and entrepreneurship. Accessible to everyone who embraces change.

Let’s see if this next step will succeed. Again it is a leap of faith. Nobody knows the outcome and how it will change and shape both Us Media and Spang Makandra in the future. It will be exiting, frighting, frustrating, joyful and painful. Let us start the journey!


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