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Migrated from Bugzilla to YouTrack

Read why we moved away from Bugzilla and implemented YouTrack as our goto issue tracker.

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Today we migrated from Bugzilla as our client facing issue tracking system to YouTrack from JetBrains. The reason for this migration was, that while Bugzilla was and is an excellent issue tracking system. It is also too much focused on the engineer as its user.

Today’s projects and products are much more visual than in the past. Nowadays we want to see issues accompanied by annotated screenshots.

In addition the UI/X of YouTrack is much better. On one hand it allows the user submitting the issue to instantly edit the issue hiding all the details of components versions etc. On the other hand it has a nifty and powerful search language and is keyboard centric so engineers can quickly navigate and administrate issues.

We choose to not migrate all the old issues that we collected over the years in Bugzilla. We basically took this opportunity to start with a clean slate. We did keep a backup of Bugzilla running, however. We plan to shut this server down in the coming months.

We also took this opportunity to move our issue tracking to the cloud. We strongly believe in the power and flexibility of the cloud. Moving our issue tracking to the cloud saves us the pain of monthly manual upgrades and patches and additionally allows us to work together with remote teams or work on remote locations on projects; this can be at home, on holiday (yeah!) or at the clients location.


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