create and manage future-proof content with contentful

As a partner of the market leader Contentful, we can offer our customers the future-oriented way to manage content.

what contentful does

Contentful makes an important contribution to the user-friendly digital experiences that we develop for our clients. It is a headless CMS: creation and management of content is separated from the presentation (website, app, chatbot, marketplace, etc.). This offers many advantages.

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what is the problem

Websites and business applications are becoming more complex and therefore more difficult to maintain and modernize. Scalability, availability and speed are increasingly important. You want to offer your customers a uniform, personalized experience on all channels, but often you are limited by the possibilities of your CMS. Developers lose valuable time (and quality) because they have to work with varying systems and programming languages.

the contentful solution

Contentful offers a user-friendly 'unified content hub' for content management on all channels. Developers are happy: thanks to the powerful APIs, they can work with any programming language they want. Contentful is built directly in the cloud as a SaaS, so you are assured of scalability, availability and speed. System management is not necessary and upgrades are a thing of the past.

voordelen van contentful

  • accelerated development

    Working with a content platform that consumes your development time is a game changer. What took weeks takes minutes. That's why the biggest brands in the world choose Contentful as their content platform.

  • more possibilities

    Contentful gives creative power to content managers, editors, designers and marketers. Give developers wings, make workflows more efficient and manage it all easily and at scale.

  • unlimited growth

    You say growth, we say go for it. There are no limits to the digital experiences you can create with one and the same content platform. No more workarounds and no more time and money consuming updates.


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