Google Cloud

Us Media is ‘certified Google Cloud-partner’. Google’s open platform allows us to build on Google Cloud products and services to create innovative, scalable solutions and new opportunities for our clients

what Google Cloud does

Google Cloud offers a range of solutions and technologies (which are continuously in development) that we can literally build on for our customers. By working with this and purchasing infrastructure as a service, we do not have to invest energy and funds in 'peripheral matters', such as managing infrastructure. Your entire budget goes to the development / value creation of the online product. In addition, we can extensively automate our work processes with Google Cloud, so we can work very efficiently and productively.

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what’s in it for you

Whether you run a start-up, are facing a digital transformation or want to launch a new tool or product within an existing online platform: it is important that you can grow and keep costs manageable. You want your online platform to run on an infrastructure that can easily scale, even with unexpected rapid growth (or shrinkage). You don't want to be stuck by certain choices, you want to be up-to-date and stay flexible.

this is what we solve with Google Cloud

With Google Cloud we build cloud-native: the technologies we use to build custom solutions are specifically developed for the cloud. As a partner, we benefit from the best practices from the market and use top notch solutions for our customers that enable us to quickly build high-quality and innovative solutions, including in the field of containers, security and machine learning. By using the cloud, you also automatically comply with many compliance / ISO rules.

this is how we work with Google cloud-components

The Google Cloud Platform focuses on PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solutions. You only pay for the actual use.

examples of PaaS-solutions

  • google app engine

    Google AppEngine is an application server environment on which you can develop and host Java, Python and PHP applications. It offers us as developers many opportunities to develop complex, yet secure, scalable and smart applications for our customers.

  • google cloud sql

    Google Cloud SQL is a mySQL database environment, hosted within the Google environment, for situations where the Google App Engine database is not sufficient.

  • google cloud storage

    Google Cloud Storage is a storage environment with which you can easily store large amounts of static information securely. Your data is protected at all times, because it is stored in multiple physical locations.

  • google big query

    Google Big Query enables users to quickly analyze large amounts of data and carry out multiple assignments at the same time. Think of Data Analyzes and Business Intelligence.


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