Us Media is a proud partner of Mollie. With this Payment Service Provider (PSP) we can provide the online platforms of our customers with a clear all-in-one payment service with a great user experience.

what mollie does

Mollie unburdens you from anything regarding online payments. That may sound simple, but of course there is a lot involved. Safe and fast online payment is quite complicated, but Mollie ensures that every payment method works well and safely: simple, clear and transparent. This vision is aligned with our own on how we want to service our customers.

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what you run into

As an entrepreneur or provider of services you don't really want to have to worry about the payments through your platform. Your Payment Service Provider must be a ‘hygiene factor’. Everything has to run super smooth for you and your customers, safely, without hick-ups or additional costs. Because if something goes wrong (or slow) with payment, your customers will call you. Or worse: they give up.

this is what mollie solves

Mollie provides the best payment experience, exactly what (many of) our clients need. For us as developers, Mollie is also pleasant to work with, because the integration - with every known technology or platform - is easy and Mollie understands how to keep APIs simple and user-friendly.

mollie advantages

  • what you see is what you get

    You are not committed to anything and will not be surprised by a setup fee, plugin fee, gateway fee, or whatever extra fee. You only pay per successful transaction.

  • excellent service

    As an entrepreneur, you can quickly get started with Mollie, thanks to a smart onboarding process - in which we as Us Media ofcourse assist. Support is available within 24 hours.

  • Perfect user experience.

    Mollie wants your customer to have the best payment experience and continuously improves the check-out. The better the experience, the higher the conversion.


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