secure your web assets with reblaze

As a partner of Reblaze Technologies Ltd operating worldwide, we can offer our clients a smart all-in-one web security solution.

what reblaze does

Reblaze is a complete cloud platform for web security. Hostile traffic is blocked in the cloud before it even comes close to your secure network. Next-gen protection for websites and web applications, which we fully support. Also important: Reblaze always has the success of its customers in mind - just like us.

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what is the problem

With the rapid growth of online opportunities, the amount of sensitive data on the web and the number of internet threats are also increasing, Cyber criminals are inventing new ways to penetrate your organization unnoticed every minute. The consequences are often dire. Most security solutions provide basic protection within a subscription and charge extra for - indispensable - extra features.

the reblaze solution

As experienced facilitators of web applications, smart business tools and online platforms, we are happy to offer you the very best web protection. A security solution that works in a single-tenant environment, thoroughly analyzes inbound traffic, keeps the malicious bots at bay, fully protects your APIs and is 100% in line with your existing infrastructure and current solutions.

benefits of reblaze

  • fully protected

    Reblaze beats all web hacks and attacks, supply complete DoS/DDoS protection, manages and mitigates bots, sniffs and analyzes all web traffic, etc.

  • always up-to-date

    The platform is remotely maintained 24/7, automatically adapts to the latest threats and is protected against them.

  • all-in-one vpc

    Customers are in a Virtual Private Cloud for the best protection, without having to buy premium levels or additional services.

reblaze and us media

We were looking for the best service provider to represent Reblaze’s values ​​and provide the best support to the local market. Us Media was the logical choice for the Netherlands, they have not only made a name for themselves as a digital service provider, but have in mind the success of their customers in everything they do. And that’s what Reblaze was looking for.

Eyal Hayrdeny CEO and co-founder of Reblaze


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