redevelopment website

Target group shift requires online adjustments


KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation (hereinafter: KNCV) is committed to the fight against TB worldwide. In the past period, shifts within and outside the organization have had consequences for the positioning and profiling of KNCV.

The most important change is that healthcare professionals (from an international perspective) are an increasingly important target group for the fund. Time to bring the content and role of the website in line with these developments.

KNCV Tuberculosefonds
Align the website with the new KNCV target group, objective and tone-of-voice.
Target audience
Primarily: (healthcare) professionals


During the (re) development of the website, we faced the following challenges (among others):

  • Match the tools on landing pages and content pages to the new primary target group.
  • Aligning the design and look & feel of the website with other KNCV resources.
  • The existing elements and components with which KNCV itself can create pages in the CMS are more in line with the professional target group.
  • Enable professionals to navigate quickly (without many clicks) to specific content.


We have started to bring the look & feel of the website in line with other (offline) communications and publications. Header, footer and navigation were revised in accordance with the new corporate identity and prepared for all possible future adjustments.

In order to lead the professional target group more quickly to content that is relevant to them, we created a new component: the Quick Access Menu. Integrated with the search function, the QAM gives (healthcare) professionals direct access to deeper content, at a much more detailed level. We also redeveloped the presentation of current developments. This in an attractive playful way so that various types of content (tools, news about initiatives, events, etc.) can be presented quickly to the professional target group.


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