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Google Cloud Platform: by developers, for developers

Why we have chosen GCP

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It’s one of the reasons why I work at Us Media: here we find it important to master the latest technology, improve standard solutions and continuously innovate. So there is always room to develop, research and experiment. Google’s open platform is perfect for this.

GCP has great solutions that you can use as a developer, but for me the challenge is to analyze those standard solutions, recalibrate them and use them to develop custom applications that perfectly match what a customer needs. As a Google Cloud Architect, you understand exactly how Google built the platform, why certain things work the way they do, how the platform moves in certain situations around your application.

These insights give you all kinds of extra options. In fact, Google builds solutions for itself, but everyone can benefit from them. Google’s cloud platform is noticeably by developers, for developers; that makes it very cool.

Google’s cloud platform is noticeably by developers, for developers; that makes it very cool.

Three cloud competitors

When it comes to computing, data storage and flexibility, scalability and costs, the three cloud competitors Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure) and Google (GCP) are not very different from each other.

As the industry leader, AWS manages the most major customers, offers a vast array of services, and has the largest network of global data centers. Azure has a wide range of functionalities and is often seen as the most logical choice by users of Microsoft software when migrating to the cloud. Although Google is the smallest provider, it convinces with excellent performance, good security and a strong offer in, among other things, Big data, AI, analytics and machine learning.

Developer experience

Is our preference for working with GCP therefore mainly motivated from the developer experience point of view? uh…yes. That’s how you could say it. We work completely cloud-native and being a Google Cloud partner means to me as a developer: working with cutting edge technology, being part of a fast-growing tech community, easy access to good standard solutions, the ability to create smart custom applications and develop myself every day.

Great for me, great for my colleagues, but those who benefit most from the fact that we as developers feel completely at home on the Google platform are of course our customers. For them, we continue to research, experiment and study, for them we dive even deeper into GCP’s top-notch solutions, creating complex yet secure, scalable and smart applications that deliver tangible results.

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