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Geschreven door: Casper van Schie

The ideal client has ideals (and trust)

There are clients that you do a great job for once and there are clients who quickly become real partners. Partners with whom we feel like a fish in water. What makes that difference? What makes a Customer a king (or queen) ?

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Take SIDN. We have been working with them since 2013 on improving their online services, management of the NL domain, strengthening SIDN’s positioning and making an impact in the field of cybersecurity and online identity. In the SIDN customer story, online communication specialist Nicole Wedler explains the added value for her organization of our long-term cooperation.

In addition to the partnership with SIDN, there are more and more non profit and charitable organizations with which we have a perfect match.

High Five

IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative, for example. IDH makes great efforts to make international trade chains more sustainable. After engaging Us Media in 2020 and 2021 for the (further) development, upgrade and expansion of an important tool, the IDH Salary Matrix tool, IDH chose Us Media again earlier this year after a European tender.

One of the reasons why IDH is such a perfect fit for us is what they stand for. IDH makes a demonstrable difference when it comes to improving the living conditions of workers. The IDH Salary Matrix tool is now used worldwide by a large number of leading certification organizations and internationally operating companies. As a result, hundreds of thousands of workers receive better wages and that means a better life for their families now and in the future. It makes us very proud that we, Us Media from Amsterdam, were able to make a small contribution.

IDH People

In addition to the awesome feeling of contributing to a better world, there is another aspect that makes us feel so happy in working with IDH. That is the role we can fulfill within the collaboration. IDH demonstrates complete confidence in our expertise. We get a lot of freedom, which means that we can fulfill exactly the role within IDH projects that fits us so well and with which we can make the most impact.

For example, we not only supply IDH with dedicated development power, but we help them to get the most out of their innovations and projects with our advice, technical consultancy and project coordination. Our people feel challenged by the trust of IDH to make their very best contribution. They prefer to come up with something more than is requested. And I think that, in addition to the sense of purpose and the optimal use of our expertise, that is the third reason why we are increasingly actively looking for long-term partnerships like this. Clients like these make it even more fun to work at Us Media. On all levels.

If you’re reading this and decide it’s time to make the most of your talents for organizations like IDH: give us a call, or take a look at our careers page. Are you part of a non-profit organization with serious online challenges and do you think we are a good fit? Let’s get acquainted. Who knows, a perfect partnership may lie ahead.

Casper van Schie
Strategy director & partner


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