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Online technology boosts SDGs

This is how we help clients to speed up the Sustainable Development Goals

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You probably heard about them: SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals. Seventeen goals with 169 targets, agreed by the UN countries, to make the world a better place by 2030. A global compass for challenges such as poverty, education and the climate crisis. Us Media is eager to make a (small and humble) contribution.

Many of our clients contribute to achieving the SDGs. For example, charitable organizations such as Plan International Nederland, Amnesty International, Wilde Ganzen and SOS Children’s Villages are committed to several causes. Think of Gender Equality, Good health and well-being, Quality education, Clean water and sanitation, Economic growth and decent work, Reducing inequality, and Peace and justice. A client such as IDH contributes by helping other organizations to achieve the sustainable development goals.

The Sustainable Development Goals

Speeding things up

We are now in the so-called ‘decade of action’ of the SDGs, in which ambitions and plans must become reality. We must speed things up. And where things need to speed up, technology and smart online tooling are indispensable.

Is (online) technology the ‘silver bullet’ with which removes all barriers to achieving the sustainable goals and solve all issues? Probably not. But it does have incredible potential to transform industries – globally and at a rapid pace. Exactly what needs to be done now.

Where things need to speed up, technology and smart online tooling are indispensable

Infinite possibilities

For example, technology can increase productivity in world food systems with less emissions and waste. It allows us to monitor and manage the Earth’s surface and resources at a scale and speed that we could only dream of before. And most importantly, technology makes it possible to extract, understand and use huge amounts of data to make groundbreaking progress in sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, energy, education and mobility.

Example of the Salary Matrix tool of IDH

Tooling for charitable organizations

Many global programs that are run to achieve SDGs therefore benefit from the support of online tooling. Tools such as the Salary Matrix tool we recently created for IDH are indispensable for collecting and analyzing data. They generate reports on the basis of which new policy is drawn up to achieve the SDGs. An increasing number of (charity) organizations therefore need such tools. For us as simple Amsterdam nerds this is a fantastic opportunity to make a small contribution to achieving the international sustainability goals. Making the world a better place; isn’t that what we all want?

Exchange ideas?

Does your organisation want to be more effective and are you curious about in what ways (online) technology and tooling can help? I would be happy to discuss this with you. Feel free to get in touch!

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