As a technology partner, Us has been supporting Amnesty International in its fight for human rights for many years. It’s a great collaboration where both parties continue to invest. Our partnership started with the development of a new website back in 2016 and has since become an always up-to-date platform with constantly new campaigns achieving great results.

solid partnership

Shortly after the start, the client-supplier relationship quickly evolved into a pleasant and fruitful partnership. With the knowledge and expertise from both of our organizations, we collaboratively developed new online campaigning methods and continued to enhance and expand the online platform with new functionalities. Ever since, the site has grown every year to support Amnesty’s key objectives.

The basis: versatile online platform

Us developed a versatile online platform with a range of lead generation and campaigning tools, generating ample options to convert leads into a members. The large amount of information has been made more accessible (on all devices), and Amnesty is capable of independently, efficiently, and effectively running campaigns on the platform. The platform’s performance is continuously monitored. Together, we are constantly working on new campaign methods, tools and improving the platform. This way, we can contribute to Amnesty’s success.

Growing number of possibilities

Since the start of our collaboration, the campaign platform has grown each year in alignment with Amnesty International Netherlands’ key objectives. Using our NGO suite as a foundation, we have developed a range of campaigning tools. Amnesty can effectively use these to quickly create and launch well-functioning and user-friendly campaigns. For each campaign, Amnesty selects the campaign format that best suits the respective goal or moment. With the scalable system of the NGO suite, campaigns and petitions can be directly linked to flexible forms to maximize conversion rates.

In collaboration with Amnesty, we have successfully launched campaigns and online tools in recent years, including in the fight for a new rape law (Map tool, YES Wall, Let’s talk about Yes) and by drawing attention to human rights in specific countries (Justice Evening meal box).


The online platform is scalable, stable, clear, and strongly focused on conversion and engagement. It’s never ‘finished’; year after year, we continuously expand, improve and enhance. Together, we continuously work on optimization, translating Amnesty’s objectives and wishes into practical solutions. Conversion metrics (number of members, donations, etc.) have significantly improved compared to the NGO’s old website. For Us, perhaps the most important result is that through the excellent collaboration with Amnesty, we see our belief confirmed: solution-focused partnership yields the very best results (and a lot of job satisfaction!).

As a large NGO, we also have people with good ideas about digital technology and design. It was very pleasant that these individuals could actively and equally contribute to the development team. Us Media is a reliable, flexible partner who fully understands our objectives, dares to be critical, and provides highly practical solutions.

Paul Helsloot Manager Media & Political Affairs, Amnesty International

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