new online platform to kick off an excellent online experience

Us Media collaborates as a strategic and technology partner


In more than 100 countries, CARE helps people build a better life. Fighting poverty by combating inequality: that is the mission.

In recent years, CARE has taken steps to professionalize communication and fundraising. Online is playing an increasingly important role in this, which is why CARE has committed to Us Media as a strategic/technical partner for the long term.

CARE Netherlands
Development of new platform and ongoing improvements
Target audience
(potential) donors, internal and external stakeholders
Online platform based on Us Media’s NGO-suite

a fresh start

CARE chose Us Media as a partner to break new ground with the website A stable, scalable platform built around the intentions of information seekers, potential- and existing donors.

External existing CARE websites had to be integrated and the new website had to propagate the (renewed) CARE positioning in terms of branding.

Examples of pages on the CARE Netherlands website

technology partner

Actively helping NGOs and other charitable organizations achieve their online goals: that is our focus. As an online technology partner of organisations such as Amnesty, Plan International, SOS Children’s Villages, Lilianefonds and Wilde Ganzen, we have gained a lot of experience in the sector.

We are very proud to add CARE Netherlands to this list of satisfied clients. It is the first step within a balanced online strategy, in which we offer (potential) donors, interested parties and employees an excellent online experience, now and in the future.



The platform runs entirely in the cloud in Amazon Web Services (AWS). By smart caching and optimal image delivery, the website has become exceptionally fast — without compromising on quality.


Thanks to imgix’s real-time image processing, all images are always optimally displayed for all devices, in terms of compression and size. In addition, imgix automatically provides the correct crops with the help of smart facial recognition algorithms/


The basis for the CMS is WordPress. On top of that: customization to make wordpress suitable to run serverless in the AWS cloud. Images are served from the imgix CDN.


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