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background is a data provider on startups, growth companies and tech ecosystems with its roots in Amsterdam. provides transparency, analysis and insights on venture capital activity. is growing rapidly and there was need for both a new online platform that meets ambitions and a reliable party that was able advise proactively during a phase of growth. That’s where we met each other.

Build a robust and user-friendly online platform that grows effortlessly with the company’s expansion.


Together with, Us Media developed a versatile online platform that is future-proof and “just works”.’s marketers and communication specialists can now use user-friendly components - we call them sections - to compose pages and share reports, connected to HubSpot’s online marketing tools.



The platform runs entirely in the cloud via Amazon Web Services (AWS). By cleverly caching and providing images optimally, the website has become exceptionally fast — without compromising on quality. Of course, everything scales so the website’s performance is optimal even during large visitor numbers.


HubSpot is an online marketing, sales and customer relationship management service. Various HubSpot tools are integrated into the website. Contact forms, for example, are linked with HubSpot CRM.


The CMS is based on WordPress, heavily customized to run fast, safe and scalable in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Images are served off of imgix’s content delivery network (CDN). Other assets also come directly from Amazon Web Services’ CDN.


The resulting platform is stable, straightforward and user-friendly. Our solution provides a solid foundation for further development. Together with, Us Media continuously aims for optimization by translating objectives and wishes into practical solutions. Great work that we are proud to show off.

“Us Media is a partner who does not just build what we ask for, but one who keeps us sharp from the start, advises without nonsense and clearly takes the lead in a project. That is exactly what we are looking for in collaboration and it led to great solutions!”

Yoram Wijngaarde Founder/

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