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Geldersch Landscape & Castles (GLK) is one of the twelve provincial Landscapes. With 150 nature reserves and 36 castles, GLK keeps the natural and cultural heritage alive and passes it on to future generations. A new website must touch and bind more people (personally), with an improved user experience, clear positioning and strong technical functionalities.

Geldersch Landschap & Kasteelen (GLK)
Conceive, Design and develop a new online platform
Target audience
(Potential) donors, volunteers, funds, partners, etc.
Versatile website based on our NGO suite

increase Engagement

The new website should invite more people to support- and engage with GLK. People with specific information needs as well as existing and potential friends and donors must be served optimally with relevant content. Us Media provided a custom design and CRM connectivity, using the proven NGO suite as a basis.


Unique to GLK is the relatively large amount of heritage under management: the castles. The castles have their own teams for organizing activities, exploitation and ticketing. The castles themselves also keep track of their own online content. This means they had to get a prominent entrance on the central site. With the new website, accessibility and management for the castles has been significantly improved, now that the individual websites have been brought together in one central platform.


full of stories

GLK’s brand promise is ‘Be amazed and come back full of stories’. We have been able to load that brand promise optimally with the new website, partly through the use of impressive imagery and user-friendly functionalities. Stories are made by going out and doing activities. Walking, Cycling, Excursions and Activities were therefore given a prominent place.

synergy and efficiency: NGO suite

The website for Geldersch Landschap en Kasteelen is the second in a series of ’landscape websites’ that Us Media is developing in ‘21/‘22. The structure and functionalities initially developed for Zuid Hollands Landschap, and the choice of our NGO suite as a basis, offered the nature organizations synergy and efficiency, while retaining their own identity and sufficient options for customization. For example, the landscape websites are each linked to their own CRM system, but the user-friendly interactive map is the result of joint input and effort from the Landscapes of South Holland, Gelderland and Utrecht.

technology partner

Actively helping NGOs and other charitable organizations achieve their online goals is one of our specialities. As an online technology partner of organizations such as Amnesty, SOS Children’s Villages, Lilianefonds and Wilde Ganzen, we have also gained a lot of experience. The various landscape foundations fit perfectly into this list of purpose driven Clients.



The platform runs entirely in the cloud in Amazon Web Services (AWS). By smart caching and optimal image delivery, the website has become exceptionally fast — without compromising on quality.


Thanks to imgix’s real-time image processing, all images are always optimally displayed for all devices, in terms of compression and size. In addition, imgix automatically provides the correct crops with the help of smart facial recognition algorithms/


The basis for the CMS is WordPress. On top of that: customization to make wordpress suitable to run serverless in the AWS cloud. Images are served from the imgix CDN.


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