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Facilitating Plan’s online campaigns, lead generation and fundraising


Since 2014, Us Media has been working closely with Plan Nederland (now Plan International Nederland) to realize the online ambitions and objectives of this sympathetic development organization. As a sparring partner, we support Plan in processing and prioritizing feedback / data and translating these into online solutions and optimizations. Together we ensure that their online platform is continuously developed and innovated.

With the platform, Plan has all the tools to independently publish high-quality content, run campaigns, set up landing pages, create donation forms and raise funds. Us Media supports Plan as a digital partner with the continuous development of the online platform, so that it matches Plan’s ambitions and developments as good as possible. A very successful and pleasant collaboration, now and in the future!

Plan International Nederland
Digital transformation through a central online platform
Target adience
New and existing sponsors and stakeholders
Online platform as a central hub for all online activities
Since going live we see steady growth and meeting all online KPI’s


The has seen a large number of releases and innovations since it’s original release. Among those we gave the platform an updated modern look, speed was optimized extensively for better SEO results and a better experience for (growing number of mobile) visitors. Us Media initiated and executed a successful cloud migration by designing a new architecture and migrating the platform with zero downtime. Also, every year we also support Plan with important fundraising campaigns, such as the successful Christmas card campaign and campaigns around the world girl day.

Plan Nederland becomes Plan International Nederland

For the transition from Plan Nederland to Plan International Nederland in 2018, we thoroughly overhauled the look & feel of the online platform. In addition, we implemented our own NGO suite with accompanying API and in 2020 we made the link with Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the cloud modernizing the connection with iFunds’ Engage.

the foundation: our NGO suite

Our future-proof solution NGO suite has already proven its value to many of our clients, because of the complete flexibility in compiling and designing landing pages, content pages and (donation) forms. Campaigns and promotions can be set up quickly with the platform and directly linked to common payment methods. Linked to any online CRM system, the NGO suite is simple and pleasant to work with. Building on this basis, with all the knowledge we have gained in the technical, functional and design field in similar projects for NGOs, means that we can move quickly and add a lot of value for clients such as Plan International Netherlands.



The Plan platform runs entirely on Amazon Web Service (AWS) in the cloud. Thanks to smart caching and optimum image serving (see imgix), the website is now extremely fast without making any concessions with regard to visuals and layout. The entire set-up is scaleable, so that the site retains its speed and performance even during busy campaign periods.


By using the imgix real-time image-processing service, we ensure that the user is always served with the best possible visuals in terms of size and compression. This has speed benefits. Moreover, the service also delivers automatic crops thanks to smart facial-recognition algorithms.


The CMS is based upon WordPress, but adapted by us to run fast, safely and scaleably from the Amazon AWS cloud – not something WordPress is usually very capable of. Images come from the imgix CDN and the other assets directly from the AWS CDN.

From the get-go of our cooperation, Us Media has been a true partner. There is personal contact on a weekly basis and the key stakeholders from both organisations have come to know each other very well. This makes it possible to act quickly when needed. At Plan International there is always a chance that something we planned needs to be put on hold, because of natural disasters or other crisis situations. This requires swiftness and flexibility from our partners. Us Media has proven on multiple occasions that they can handle these situations in a flexible and professional matter. This, in combination with the pleasant, personal contact is what makes this partnership very valuable.

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