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A strong internet for all


The SIDN fonds supports innovative internet projects that contribute to a stronger, safer internet, skilled internet users and valuable initiatives for our society. The website had grown in steps over the years. This is reflected in the structure, balance and appearance of the site. This no longer meets the needs. Time for a big update!

SIDN fonds
Updated website that better matches the ambitions of the SIDN fund
Target audience
Potential applicants, interested parties in general and supported projects
100% contemporary site in technology, design and accessibility

close partnership

The cooperation between Us Media and SIDN started in 2013 with the development of a new website, mainly containing information and services related to the .nl domain. In the years that followed, we optimized the platform together with SIDN and the collaboration grew into a close partnership. As a subsidiary of SIDN, SIDN Fonds has supported more than 300 projects since 2015 that contribute to a strong internet for everyone. SIDN Fonds also opted for cooperation with Us Media, an excellent opportunity for us to further strengthen our relationship with SIDN.

time for a big update

SIDN Fonds wants to move towards a contemporary, user-friendly and optimally accessible site with a good text/image balance. The site must be in line with the Fund’s (renewed) procedures, the thematic approach and the desire to facilitate more knowledge sharing from supported projects. SIDN also wants to focus more on the impact of the fund and the supported projects. The improvements are made on the basis of the current infrastructure and technology, and are easy to manage for today’s communication employees.

Website screenshots

satisfied with Contentful

SIDN Fonds must be able to add and manage content independently, but also build landing pages simply and with consistent quality and develop online activities in other desirable ways. That’s why we used our favorite CMS Contentful, just like for Contentful enables unlimited growth and flexibility; there are no limits to the digital experiences you can create with one and the same content platform. After the implementation of this versatile CMS, SIDN Fund has an extensive toolbox with components, building blocks and sections.



Contentful is a cloud native and API first CMS system, or better CMS infrastructure. Instead of using content specifically for the website, we use Contentful as a central content platform for all expressions, web, apps, screens, mailings, etc.


The platform meets strict requirements with regard to technology and security. This has been tested by means of external (security) audits.


SIDN’s cloud-native platform runs entirely on the Google Cloud Platform. This platform allows us to focus on the application (and not the infrastructure). The cloud native solution ensures stability, speed (operational and development) and scalability.


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