In its over 25 years of existence, SIDN has built a solid reputation as the administrator of one of the safest domains in the world: the .nl domain. SIDN keeps the internet accessible for everyone and also makes an impact in the field of cybersecurity and online identity.

successful collaboration

For over 10 years, Us has successfully grown into a a trusted digital product partner of SIDN. In 2013, we developed the new SIDN website. This expanded in 2018 with the most frequently used feature of the site: the .nl domain name suggestion tool. The website received a complete update in 2020, in line with the new proposition: ‘Carefree online.’ All SIDN digital products related to are continuously evaluated and improved by us ever since.


‘SIDN not only manages the .nl domain but also offers solutions for cybersecurity and online identity’. We translated this broader proposition - by re-envisioning structure, design, and technology - into a revamped online platform. Previously, we had already made the transition from DotCMS to the new CMS Contentful with SIDN. Thanks to this transition, we were able to implement the changes smoothly using Contentful’s API-first approach and flexibility.

release 1 (2018): .nl domeinnaam suggestion-tool

In 2018, as SIDN’s technology partner, we developed the popular .nl domain name suggestion tool. This tool provides real-time available alternatives as the starting point of the SIDN sales funnel when the requested domain name is already taken. During the development of the suggestion tool, we had to take into account the input of a large number of registrars and adhere to the high security requirements. The engine collects domain name suggestions in real-time from various algorithms and data sources such as dictionaries (NL and EN), synonyms, name lists, brand names, and company names. The .nl domain name suggestion tool was a great success from day one.

release 2 (2021): .nl domain suggestion tool API for registrars

After the initial release, SIDN frequently received requests from their many sales partners to make the domain name suggestion tool available to them via an API. In close collaboration with all stakeholders, we developed this powerful feature. For the registrars, the suggestion tool on was already a valuable lead generator, but now that they could integrate the tool into their own registration website flow through the API, resulting in additional .nl registrations for them (and thus also for SIDN).

release 3 (eind 2021): .nl domain suggestion tool UX revamp

In the third release, we boosted the overall UX to assist visitors in finding domain alternatives and improved the conversion towards registrars. Additionally, we created a direct entry point for professionals (‘whois direct’), allowing this group to access relevant information more quickly.

“As a newly appointed online communication specialist, I introduced Us to my new employer in 2013. Over the years, we have built a personal bond. We can fully trust each other. For me, that is the key condition for a successful collaboration.”

Nicole Wedler Senior online communications specialist and project leader

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