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SOS Kinderdorpen is a charity that helps vulnerable children in more than 135 countries and regions. They approach the development of children as prerequisite for a better future. That is a goal Us Media gladly likes to commit to.

SOS Kinderdorpen asked us to develop an online platform for both their fundraising and communicative needs. They wanted a solution that truly supports online activities in its broadest sense.

SOS Kinderdorpen
Realize a robust and user-friendly online platform for fundraising and communication, linked to existing systems.

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Together with SOS Kinderdorpen, Us Media developed a versatile and solid online platform that is cleverly linked to existing systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and payment providers. Clever? A visitor can always complete his or her ‘customer journey’; even when an external system is temporarily unavailable. SOS Kinderdorpen now can easily build landing pages and donation forms themselves. Of course, performance of the platform is constantly monitored and optimized if necessary.



The platform runs entirely in the cloud via Amazon Web Services (AWS). By cleverly caching and providing images optimally, the website has become exceptionally fast — without compromising on quality. Of course, everything scales so the website’s performance is optimal even during busy campaigns.


By using imgix’s real-time image processing, users always receive the most optimal image in terms of compression and size. This benefits speed and user experience. In addition, with the help of smart facial recognition algorithms, imgix automatically provides correct cropping of pictures.


The CMS is based on WordPress, heavily customized to run fast, safe and scalable in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Images are served off of imgix’s content delivery network (CDN). Other assets also come directly from Amazon Web Services’ CDN.


The resulting platform is stable, straightforward and user-friendly. The platform is never ‘finished’ and it provides a solid foundation for further development. Together with SOS Kinderdorpen, Us Media continuously aims for optimization by translating objectives and wishes into practical solutions. Great work that we are proud of.

“Us Media is by far the best digital agency I have worked with! It all just fits. Nice sincere people who really have a lot of knowledge, think pro-actively and who like their work. The website itself is fast, bugless, and very easy to manage. I’ve never set up a new website like this before! Aftercare is also nice and smooth.”

Melanie van Schaik Product Owner/SOS Kinderdorpen

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