NGO Suite as a basis for a completely redesigned website and increased online success


Stichting Vluchteling (SVL) provides life-saving aid to people suffering from conflicts, violence, or natural disasters. The website is an important tool for communication and fundraising activities.


SVL asked us to develop a user-friendly, future-proof website that would help achieve their ambitions and objectives.


With our proven NGO Suite, we laid the foundation for SVL’s new website. An important aspect of the design is the highly professional video material that provides a compelling portrayal of the circumstances often faced by refugees.

A special component was designed and built for SVL, allowing them to easily integrate social media posts into an online banner to incorporate more current events and urgency. Of course, this was designed in a way that allows SVL to independently implement it when needed.

Screenshots of the homepage and an action page of

The go-live demonstrated the flexibility of the SVL team and the user-friendliness of the platform in practice. At the time of the launch, there was the reality of devastating floods in Libya. SVL was one of the first organizations to immediately allocate aid and funds. The website had to be adjusted last minute to reflect the current situation. Thanks to clear handover, SVL staff were able to do this themselves effectively.

SVL’s website is the first fundraising platform we’ve migrated to the Google Cloud Platform, whereas we used AWS for everything before. As part of our Google Cloud Partnership, we will increasingly utilize this cloud platform in the future.

We will continue to collaborate with SVL to identify areas for improvement and gradually evolve the platform.



Stichting Vluchteling’s ‘cloud native’ platform runs entirely on the Google Cloud Platform. This platform allows us to focus on the application (and not the infrastructure). The cloud native solution ensures stability, speed (operational and development) and scalability.


Thanks to imgix’s real-time image processing, all images are always optimally displayed for all devices, in terms of compression and size. In addition, imgix automatically provides the correct crops with the help of smart facial recognition algorithms/


The basis for the CMS is WordPress. On top of that: customization to make wordpress suitable to run serverless in the GCP cloud. Images are served from the imgix CDN.


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