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Great result of our partnership with these passionate healthcare innovators


Tover (formerly Active Cues) creates moments of happiness for people with a disability. They do this by developing playful, smart products and services, such as the fantastic Tovertafel. The ambition is to create 10 million moments of happiness per day in healthcare and education by 2025, in the Netherlands and beyond. This requires a new online platform that can inspire and inform the various target groups, easily guide them through the site and provide a clear call to action.

Design and build a new international online platform utilizing the new Tover brand
Target audience
New and existing customers, potential employees, stakeholders

technology partner

Tover has reached an exciting phase. The company is expanding abroad with its product the Tovertafel and they are working very hard to ensure this international expansion runs smoothly. Us Media will support Tover in the coming years as a technology partner in this growth process. By continuous development iterations, adding functionality and digital strategy consultancy services.


In close collaboration with Tover marketers and product owners, we designed and developed a platform that facilitates international growth and can take the role of the central platform as the destination for potential clients and stakeholders. Content managers can independently design, fill and expand the site with user-friendly tools. A rich library of components offers a lot of flexibility and guidance for creating and rolling out new campaigns and product presentations in all countries. Of course we also took care of the online translation of the new corporate identity.


Tover represents the power of “purposeful play” and games are therefore an important part of the site. Games, which run on a Tovertafel product, are aimed at different target groups with different disabilities: an important healthcare innovation that promotes meaningful play. Together with Tover, the games section has been completely rebuilt and redesigned so visitors can easily navigate through them offering specific filtering options.



The platform runs entirely in the cloud via Amazon Web Services (AWS). Through clever caching and optimizing the way images are served, the website has become exceptionally fast - without sacrificing quality. Every aspect is scalable so optimal performance, even with large visitor numbers, is guaranteed.


Thanks to the real-time image processing service from imgix, all images are always optimally displayed in terms of compression and size for all devices and bandwidths. In addition, imgix automatically provides the correct cropping with the help of smart face recognition algorithms.


Wordpress is the foundation for the CMS. However we heavily modified, secured and made the application cloud-ready. The images are served through the imgix service.


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