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Wilde Ganzen fights poverty by supporting passionate Dutch people in distant countries who set up practical and small-scale projects, often together with locals. Wilde Ganzen helps these initiatives with knowledge, their extensive network and fundraising. Wilde Ganzen supports around fivehundred of these projects every year; especially in developing countries.

Wilde Ganzen’s new corporate identity prompted a complete overhaul of their website. In addition, Wilde Ganzen wanted to switch to our well-suited NGO suite.

Wilde Ganzen
Overhaul of the entire website and transitioning to our NGO suite.


Together with Wilde Ganzen and design agency Beeldr Us Media built a new versatile online platform. Wilde Ganzen now uses NGO suite: our future-proof cloud infrastructure that offers complete flexibility in compiling and designing landing and content pages. Campaigns, donation campaigns and petitions can be set up quickly. All seamlessly linked to online CRM system Salesforce: information conveniently in one single place!

Following the release of the new website, Wilde Ganzen wanted to improve online communication and processes with its affiliates. For starters we developed a closed environment aimed at providing affiliates better insight into their data and all (current) projects.

In subsequent iterations we will expand this environment with, among others, the possibility to update data directly, involve local partners and to quickly submit new projects in the area. Various other (administrative) work processes, such as payment requests, will also be facilitated.



The platform runs entirely in the cloud via Amazon Web Services (AWS). By cleverly caching and providing images optimally, the website has become exceptionally fast — without compromising on quality. Of course, everything scales so the website’s performance is optimal even during large visitor numbers.


By using imgix’s real-time image processing, users always receive the most optimal image in terms of compression and size. This benefits speed and user experience. In addition, with the help of smart facial recognition algorithms, imgix automatically provides correct cropping of pictures.


The CMS is based on WordPress, heavily customized to run fast, safe and scalable in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Images are served off of imgix’s content delivery network (CDN). Other assets also come directly from Amazon Web Services’ CDN.


The new Wilde Ganzen website is a real head turner and our NGO suite is, next to very effective, a pleasure to work with. Together with Wilde Ganzen, we will continue to improve their online communication and processes, for instance with the development of the new closed environment for clients.

Us Media continuously aims for optimization by translating objectives and wishes into practical solutions. Great work that we are really proud to show off.

“We are very satisfied with our new website. Not just the ‘look and feel’ became beautiful, considerable steps have been taken technically. For example, the speed of the site has significantly improved due to the migration to the cloud and thanks to integration with ‘imgix’ we no longer need to manually reduce or adjust image sizes. Many pages on our old website lead to a deadend. By rebuilding the CMS including tags, we can now show more content at every place on the website which allows us to retain our visitors longer. With the building blocks Us Media provided, we can continue to build content-rich pages for years to come and it enables us to directly raise donations for hundreds of different projects.”

Lennart Brans Content Marketeer/Wilde Ganzen

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