Complete control over personal data

Privacy & security assured with Yivi app

Website Yivi on a laptop screen, and on a mobile phone


SIDN manages the NL domain, but also has impactful propositions in the fields of cybersecurity and online identity. SIDN’s latest achievement is the Yivi app: online passport, signature and much more, intended to give users complete control over all their digital data. Us was deployed to market the yivi app online with a strong structure and clear message.

Design and development of website to present and explain Yivi
Target audience
Anyone who uses online services
Clear structure and attractive design for user-friendly Yivi app/website

close partnership

The cooperation between us and SIDN started in 2013 with the development of a new website, mainly containing information and services related to the .nl domain. In the years that followed, we optimized the platform together with SIDN, and the collaboration grew into a close partnership, adding SIDN Fonds in 2021.

For Yivi, SIDN asked us to take on the entire process: from the design & development of a complete front-end infrastructure, including the design and implementation of cms Contentful. For web security, we chose Reblaze’s smart solution.

Website screenshots



Contentful is a cloud native and API first CMS system, or CMS infrastructure. Instead of using content specifically for the website, we use Contentful as a central content platform for all expressions, web, apps, screens, mailings, etc.


Reblaze is a complete web security cloud platform. Hostile traffic is blocked in the cloud before it even comes close to your secured network. Next-gen protection for websites and applications, which we support 100%.


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