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Amnesty International fights for human rights in the broadest sense of the word. This is important work, which Us Media has been happy to commit to for years. Amnesty depends on the support of funds, donors, letter writers, volunteers and activists.

a solid partnership

Our collaboration started in 2016 with the initial development of a new online platform for Amnesty which we rebuild from the ground up. A platform with extensive possibilities for lead generation and fund / member / volunteer recruitment. With the knowledge and expertise from both of our organizations, we co-created new online campaigning methods and continued to develop and expand the online platform with new functionalities. Since the partnership’s inception, the site has grown each year on Amnesty’s main goals.

Amnesty International Nederland
Online platform development and innovation
Target audience
Existing and new rank and file, seekers of specific information on human rights
Online platform being fundamental to all online activities
Since the platform went live, Yearly growth on all important KPI’s


Us Media developed a versatile online platform with a range of campaigning and lead generation tools. The large (and growing) amount of information has been made more accessible (on all devices) and Amnesty is able to conduct efficient and targeted campaigns with the platform. The performance of the platform is continuously monitored and together we are working on new campaign methods, tools and products, all the time. We very much feel jointly responsible for the success of the campaigns, and always go the extra mile. We see this as a fundamental cornerstone of a successful partnership.

a strong foundation: our ngo suite

For Us Media, developing a platform like this means starting with the basics: our own NGO suite. This future-proof solution has already proven its value to many of our clients, partly because of the flexibility in compiling and designing landing pages, content pages and donation forms. Campaigns and petitions can be set up quickly with the scalable system and are directly linked to flexible forms with room to experiment in order to optimize conversions. The suite connects to most CRM systems. Building on this basis, with all the knowledge we have gained in the technical, functional and design field in similar projects for NGOs, means that we can move fast and add a lot of value for clients such as Amnesty.


The Amnesty platform runs entirely on Amazon Web Service (AWS) in the cloud. Thanks to smart caching and optimum image serving (see imgix), the website is now extremely fast without making any concessions with regard to visuals and layout. The entire set-up is scaleable, so that the site retains its speed and performance even during busy campaign periods.


By using the imgix real-time image-processing service, we ensure that the user is always served with the best possible visuals in terms of size and compression. This has speed benefits. Moreover, the service also delivers automatic crops thanks to smart facial-recognition algorithms.


The CMS is based upon WordPress, but adapted by us to run fast, safely and scaleably from the Amazon AWS cloud – not something WordPress is usually very capable of. Images come from the imgix CDN and the other assets directly from the AWS CDN.


The online platform is robust, scalable and strongly focused on conversion. It is also never “finished”. It’s a solid foundation for future innovations and expansions. Together we will keep working on optimization, always translating Amnesty’s objectives and wishes into practical solutions. The conversion figures (leads, donations, etc.) have greatly improved compared to the old website, which makes us a very proud partner.

Perhaps the most important result for Us Media is that we see our vision confirmed by the great collaboration with Amnesty: solution-oriented collaboration as real partners yields the very best results (and a lot of satisfaction and fun collaboration!).

As a large NGO, we have people of our own with good ideas about digital technology and design. It was great that they were actively involved in the development team, as equals. Us Media is a reliable, flexible partner. They fully understand our objectives, dare to be critical and come up with really practical solutions.

Paul Helsloot Manager, Media & Political Affairs, Amnesty International

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