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In the almost 25 years of its existence, SIDN has built up brand awareness and a solid reputation as the administrator of one of the safest domains in the world: the .nl domain. In recent years, SIDN has also created a lot of impact in the field of cybersecurity and online identity; time for a repositioning. Us Media was given the assignment to translate the new proposition into a renewed online platform for SIDN.

Translate new proposition to new online platform
Target audience
Private individuals, companies, government
New online platform, new design, new CMS implementation using flexible building blocks

Strong partnership

The partnership between Us Media and SIDN started in 2013 with the development of a new website, mainly containing information and services related to the .nl domain. In the years that followed, we optimized the platform together with SIDN and the collaboration grew into a real partnership.

The smart .nl domain name suggestion tool that we built for SIDN in 2018 brought the most used function of the website to a new level. The introduction of this tool, together with the improvements we applied to the entire funnel, improved the user experience of finding a suitable .nl domain. As a result, the tool resulted in a significant increase of leads for the registrars.

New proposition: zorgeloos online

Now, we launched the new online platform that is ready for SIDN’s current and future offerings. From now on, SIDN is no longer just in charge of the .nl domain, but also has excellent products and services in the fields of cyber security and online identity. We built a user-friendly website in which the new proposition has been fully translated into a new structure, design and technology.

We had previously made the transition from DotCMS to Contentful with SIDN. Now, we took this to the next level. by fully implementing and configuring the CMS according to our vision in terms of content management flexibility.

Revision of structure and design

SIDN’s strategic input on the repositioning provided a strong basis for the total overhaul of the site structure and content. We went through a step by step co-creation process with the client. SIDN’s three main areas of focus - domain management, e-security and e-identity - have each been given their own color scheme and separate landing pages, making the products and services clear throughout the site. In order to have a coherent online visual language, we enriched the versatile corporate identity with online building blocks, extra colors, icons and new graphic elements.

Room for ongoing development

‘A great result that we can certainly build on in the coming years’

Is how our client summarized the outcome of this project after the launch. And we think that is very important. The website for a company like SIDN must be super flexible and leave room for adaptation and growth. Extensive autonomy for the customer is always central to Us Media, certainly when (re) designing a content management system. The client must of course be able to independently add and manage content, but also be able to conduct online campaigns simply and with constant quality, build landing pages and develop marketing activities in various ways.

At SIDN, we have used our favorite CMS Contentful for that purpose. Contentful enables unlimited growth and flexibility; there are no limits to the digital experiences you can create with one and the same content platform. After the implementation of this versatile CMS, SIDN has an extensive toolbox with components, building blocks and sections. Although we, as a partner, are of course always happy to contribute ideas, with the new launch, SIDN can also carry out a “worry-free online” campaign to promote for their new products and services.


Contentful is a cloud native and API first CMS - or rather: CMS infrastructure. Instead of approaching the content as channel specific, Contentful allows us to deploy a central platform for all channels like web, apps, screens, mailings.etc.

security and reblaze

Reblaze defeats all intrusion attempts and attacks, provides DoS/DDos protection, finds and controls bots, sniffs and analyzes all web traffic.


The cloud native SIDN platform runs on the Google Cloud Platform. This enables us to focus on the application instead of the architecture. It handles stability, speed and scalability.


What a fantastic project we have completed together! It was great to see the site grow little by little. Everyone has contributed in their own field with enormous quality and enthusiasm. You really experienced that in the process and in the collaboration. It is great that there is such a pleasant coordination and that things are understood and handled so well. I am really proud of the team and the result!

Nicole Wedler Online Communications specialist at SIDN

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