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In 2018, as a technical partner of SIDN, we developed the highly successful .nl domain name suggestion tool. As a starting point for the SIDN sales funnel towards registrars, the tool provides real-time available alternatives if the requested domain name is already taken. In recent years, SIDN has increasingly received requests from their many registrars to make the domain name suggestion tool available to them via an API, so that they can also offer this valuable service through their own website.

Increase the number of .nl domain registrations by growing the audience for the suggestion tool
Target audience
Everyone who wants to register a .nl domain
The .nl suggestion tool and development of an API
Doubling of the number of leads to approximately 5,000 a month

Try it yourself

first release: the suggestion tool on

With the increasing number of entrepreneurs bringing their business to the web, chances grow that your preferred domain has already been taken. In 2018, in collaboration with our partner SIDN, we created a service that in the event of a domain name already being registered, the applicant sees relevant available alternatives and also provide the possibility to follow up with a registrar of their choice directly from the website.

The engine collects domain name suggestions in real time from various algorithms and data sources such as dictionaries (NL and EN), synonyms, name lists, brand names and company names. The .nl domain name suggestion tool was a great success from day one.

second release (2021): launching the suggestion tool api

A few years after the tool was introduced, Us Media, built an API (portal) that makes it possible for registrars to integrate the unique suggestion tool directly on their own website. The suggestion tool on was already a valuable lead generator for these registrars, but now that they can also make the tool part of their own registration flow through the api, it provides them (and therefore also SIDN) with many more extra .nl registrations.

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