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In 2018, as a technical partner of SIDN, we developed the first version of the highly successful .nl domain name suggestion tool. As a starting point for the SIDN sales funnel, the tool provides real-time available alternatives if the requested domain name is already taken. In the second big release we expanded the suggestion tool to third parties through an API.

In the third release (late 2021) we gave a boost to the overall user interface and improved the conversion-flow towards registrars. In addition, we have created a direct entrance for professionals so that this group can access the information that is relevant to them more quickly.

Ongoing development and improvements to the tool. Improve the flows so lead-conversion to registrar websites is increased.
Target audience
Everyone that wants to register a .nl domain and internet professionals.
Suggestion tool, API and improved UX and conversion.

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first release: real-time alternative to taken domain names

With the increasing pressure on the worldwide web, the chance that a requested domain name has already been taken is huge. In 2018, in collaboration with our partner SIDN, we found a way to design their domain name service in such a way that in the event of a domain name already registered, the applicant sees valuable alternatives available and can register it directly with a provider (registrar) of their choice.

When developing the suggestion tool, we had to take input of a large number of registrars into account, as well many security requirements. The engine collects domain name suggestions in real time from various algorithms and data sources such as dictionaries (NL and EN), synonyms, lists of names, brand names and company names. The .nl domain name suggestion tool was a great success from day one.

second release (2021): suggestion api available for registrars

A few years after the initial tool was introduced, Us Media, in collaboration with SIDN, built an API that makes it possible for their sales partners to place the unique suggestion tool directly on their own website at their own discretion.

The suggestion tool on was already a valuable lead generator for these registrars, but now that they can also make the tool part of their own registration flow via the api, it provides them (and therefore also SIDN) with many more .nl registrations.

third release (Late 2021): improved UX and conversion

With a third major release at the end of 2021, we focused on the user interface of An important goal - in addition to making the whois data and name suggestions faster and more accessible - was to improve the conversion towards registrars.

We improved the registration funnel, among other things, by communicating a clear 3-stage plan. For (semi-)professional users there is also a new entry, ‘whois direct’, which provides direct access to information about the URL name holder.

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